Side A mp3s

11-12-1991 Peel Sessions
Peasant In Paradise
I Want The Moon

4-6-2004 Kessel-Lo
Plastic Surgery
Heart Is Home

Side B mp3s

7-19-1992 Peel Sessions
Not A Day
Can't Help Falling
Cabbage Case

4-24-2004 Regensburg
Little White God

Tribute mp3s

HWM - Springtime live
HWM - Springtime studio
Lovemen - How Lonely
Super Hi Five - Not A Day Goes By
Tiltwheel - Bowl Of Flies
Wat Tyler - Discipline
Wat Tyler/Eggplant - Not Superstitious

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various vinyl rips and rareties hosted by x1984x fanzine
BYO Split out take - Unfurnished (3.61mb)
Frankie Stubbs - Unhinged 7"
1. Truly Beautiful (2.85mb) 2. Moon River (1.77mb) 3. Plebs (3.01mb)
Frankie Stubbs - s/t 10"
1. Second Hand Suit (3.18mb) 2. Old Elvis (3.29mb) 3. Sail Boats (3.01mb)
4. Dead Industrial Atmosphere (2.86mb) 5. I Can't Help Falling In Love (1.85mb)
6. Ship Song (3.17mb)
Jesse singles (earlier versions from the 7"s)
1. Dog Song (5.97mb) 2. Rant (6.07mb) 3. Indestructable (4.50mb) 4. Room (5.21mb)
5. Handful Of Earth (5.36mb) 6. Jack Christ (5.36mb) 7. Paradoxical Thing (5.38mb)
8. Hey Hey, My My (3.99mb)
Minx test pressing (yes it is different from the released version!)
1. Wallflower (2.55mb) 2. Books (2.97mb) 3. Fat, Earthy, Flirt (3.33mb)
4. Do The Right Thing (3.67mb) 5. Evil That Men Do (2.81mb) 6. Heaven Sent (4.49mb)
7. Don't Work (3.07mb) 8. A Sad Day Indeed (3.31mb) 9. Skin Deep (3.08mb)
10. Dustbin Modo (2.13mb) 11. A Cartoon (With The Pain) (3.99mb)
12. I Can't Help Falling In Love (2.12mb)

hosted by Rubber Factory Records
Seconds Out, Round One (2nd Hit The North session)
1. Not Superstitious (6.21mb) 2. One To Say (3.56mb) 3. Discipline (4.59mb)
I Want The Moon 7"
2. You Are My Sunshine (3.34mb) 3. Dreaming (single) (4.71mb)
Little White God 7"
2. I Gotta Right (5.30mb) 3. Meaning (3.18mb)
Winsome, Losesome 7"
3. Discipline (live) (4.49mb) 4. Colorado Joe (live) (4.19mb)

BYO Records - Plastic Surgery (2.75mb) from Dog Disco

Deranged Records - All I Need (3.45mb) from Discography Part Two